Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sailing In Stockholm ~ A Swedish Summer ~

Living a day with the most perfect weather in Europe is refreshing and invigorating. Stockholm is my choice of the month as it brought me new dimensions of energy, fun and fulfillment.


The 5 hour and 50 minute flight from Doha to Stockholm that departed at 1 am in the morning not to include rewinding 2 hours from the aforementioned to be counted as reporting and briefing time prior to the operation of flight and forwarding 2 more hours to finish the checks we normally do in the aircraft plus the travel time to our abode was nothing for the crew and I. As we arrived at 9 am in the hotel, it took us 1 hour to unpack and dress up as we rushed out to the capital of Sweden. Due to my excitement and anticipation, I skipped sleep and rest using up to depletion my stored power and drive to roam the magnificent city. Gamla Stan, as it is known, the old City was the heart of numerous sights and wonders.


The colors were just simply irresistible as we were strolling and taking pictures of anything and everything that catch a human's eye. The first thing we saw was the City hall, then the Parliament, followed by the Royal Palace, across was the river view, opposite where parks, and shopping street, and so it goes. Lunch came and my heart was still raising though were able to see a lot. My friends and I ate lunch at 360 degrees hotel restaurant for we have 50% discount. We guessed it was the best option already. I had a satisfying Rigatoni ala Salmon and a draft beer. Yes! What I got made me survive throughout the day, but not until evening. When I decided to go back after our final stop at the grocery, I was very tired at 5 pm in the afternoon, but still the sun was at its highest. I was immediately brought into a nap upon reaching my bed.


I got a phone call and I woke up feeling brand new. Possessing the spirit to explore once more, at 6 pm, I went out for an hour's walk. Instead of going to the gym as planned, I exercised and inhaled the fresh air outside taking adventurous routes, the ones I barely noticed from the map, and asking tourists to take my picture. It was an addiction. I was selfish... I wanted to enjoy

the city on my own. Savoring the bright night, I felt my heart skipped for joy. I strolled by the rivers and the park listening to the music around and witnessing families, lovers and friends together embracing life with pure gladness. A sigh of relief escaped me. I was never happy and contented like this. I smiled to myself capturing the moment in my mind. I was unstoppable because I know it would not last, yet at that particular period what I felt was incredible.

The independence and spontaneity of life - two things I cherished - will be carried along in my future journeys. Reaching back at the hotel, I went to the sauna to relax before I called it a day. Until then, Stockholm! ::)))

Friday, July 16, 2010

10 Months, 4 Days & Still Counting..

I have been here in the sands of Doha for ten months, four days and still counting. I am not the type of person who celebrates anniversaries or 'monthsaries' as we call in the Philippines, but it is just nice to count and reminisce the days that has gone by.

My first step here in the Middle East was greeted by humid air and at 10 o'clock in the evening, dark spots all over the country, which i discovered to be desert surrounding the airport. On a view from the top, this marks Doha among any other cities in the world, which have seamless bright lights all over their vicinity at night. I was like in a sauna bath in a forbidden city.

September 12, 2009, I was escorted by my Aunt Girlie after a sumptuous lunch at Racks to NAIA. Back when I boarded the plane in Manila, Philippines to Doha, Qatar, I did not feel any sadness nor regret because maybe i just want to go to another country and am looking forward to a new environment to build my career, but when I arrived after an exhausting 9-hour plane ride with my two big 'balikbayan' boxes and my even bigger suitcase, loneliness filled my heart. Yes, it hit me! I do not know anyone in this country and I am miles and miles away from home. I do not have internet connection in my accommodation yet nor an international Sim card that I can use to call home. All I have is our land line with a complementary 50 Riyal call card.

Imagine my misery...I tried to connect an international call but the operator was speaking Arabic and I could not follow properly the instructions on how to connect to a call. After many failed connections, I went down and spoke to a Nepalese security guard to ask for help on how to do it. I really do not know what happened to me, but I lost composure. Anyways, instead of panicking all the more, I paused and prayed to help me just get through a simple phone call. And, I did... It was the sweetest 15-minute relief in my life when I was able to hear my mother's voice and it ended. I have to face reality, ready or not. I unpacked my things and opened the complementary groceries and kitchen wares from the company. Luckily, my flatmate, a Chinese-Malaysian girl, assisted me until she has to go to sleep. As for me, I was left alone with nobody to talk to until 5 o-clock in the morning with all the mess in my room.

Now, I only have to talk about happy thoughts, which i always keep on my mind. I am flying 80-120 hours per month and I have a roster of flights, which I bid just before every 15th of the month. I choose wherever destination I want to go to on every season of the year and whenever I want to go, but it still depends on ones luck. For example: This July I got Paris, Kuwait, Bangkok, Beyruit, Lahore, Stockholm, Paris, Beyruit and Cebu.

For me, even though I am almost a year away, I always bid for Cebu, Philippines to steal even 6 hours of stay at home just to keep me going on my travels and work. Nothing beats the home-made food my mother prepares for me all the time, the tightest hug from my brother, loving guidance from my father, smiling faces of people around, the genuine laughter i get from my friends and a romantic date with my boyfriend all back home.

I am a lucky cat! I go home every month with a job in the desert and 40,000 feet up in the air reaching one continent to another time after time. ::::)))))

Life Begins @ 20

I wanted to start my own blog to bookmark and share through technology a lot of wonderful things that transpired in my life since I became 20.

Secondly, I also want my mind pouring ideas into writing. After my studies, I do not have home works any more to push my mind to work or even create my own fiction. My lifestyle has changed now! It is either my body is working, working and working some more or it is completely shut down for hours and hours of sleep.

I say, "Life begins at 20." If you want to know why, continue reading...

Imagine that you have an attractive white, blank and super w
ide paper in front of you and a pen. What colors, drawings and writings will you fill it with? Or will you be afraid to lay your hands on it because you might put it to waste? Take a while. There is always time to think, compose and revise. Feel free. You can always act on impulse and put whatever markings you want. For sure, you will still see to it that the outcome is best and for your own satisfaction no matter how you started it.

Now, i have the same paper and pen. And, the supply is never ending. I have realized that this is the power and control I have over my life, but the supply depends on God.

At 20, I first took stage. October. I won a crown for myself, Miss Masskara 2007. The next month, November. I r
epresented my city on a regional pageant. I got my second crown, Miss Western Visayas Tourism 2007.

It was a
series of beautiful events and still unfolding every month and every year. I have a local TV commercial, modelings, photo shoots, and a little bit of everything for a girl like me could ever imagine. I owe so much gratitude to God, my family and friends.

Behind the scenes of my life, there are heroes and flowers. One by one i will unravel their stories to you.

I am a simple girl with big
dreams. Now, at 23, I work in an international airline company flying from one destination to another. It is my day off and i find pleasure in writing to you. I wish to share one by one my hopes, dreams, and aspirations; where i travel; what i do for fun; and, who am i.

I am using my paper supply from God as long as it lasts that is why i enjoy writing, painting, drawing, scribbling, and editing my life.